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Re: mughmey

David Trimboli wrote:
> From: Kevin Brake <>
> > tera' lutmey chuS vImughta' 'e' ngaS De'wI'ghitlhwIj.
> > <>Daq Datu'laH.
> > vaDlIj vIHevmo' jIQuch.
> pa' vIghoSta' 'e' vInID.  jIluj.  bommeylIj vIlaDlaHbe'.  qay''a' vay'?
> SuStel
> Stardate 99985.4

<web site> vISuchlaHbej.  Do'Ha' QIt(qu') De' ngeH.  yIboHQo'!  
= I had no problems seeing the web site.  Unfortunately it loads 
*very* slowly.   (Can I tack a <-qu'> onto the <QIt>?)  Don't be 

(You can also try
which is where the above address redirects you...  Works for me, don't
know if it'll work for you.)


Beam to
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the official site for Star Trek: Insurrection.

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