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Re: mughmey

: Do'Ha' QIt(qu') De' ngeH.  
: Unfortunately it loads *very* slowly.  
: (Can I tack a <-qu'> onto the <QIt>?)

No.  Put verbal suffixes on the verb:

  Do'Ha', QIt De' ngeHqu'.  

Here's an example from canon.  Capt. Klaa orders:

  nom yIghoSqu' 
  Maximum speed.  ST5
  (lit. "Proceed very quickly!")

The only suffix we've ever seen on adverbials is {-Ha'} -- and Maltz tells
us that it can't go on every adverbial, just some of them.  (Cf. Okrand's
discussion of this in HolQeD 4.4.)

A vocabulary suggestion:  Instead of {De' ngeH} "send the data" or {De'
Hev" "receive the data" try {lI'} "transmit data (to a place)":

  Do'Ha', QIt (De') lI'qu'.  

Here {De'} may be redundant, but in ST3 Kruge tells Vixis to transmit the
Genesis data to him:

  De' yIlI'... DaH!
  Transmit data. Now! ST3

>From his point of view the data is being downloaded to his location; from
her's, the data is being uploaded.  The difference between {lI'} and {lab}
"transmit data (away from a place)" has been discussed several times, but
my understanding is that the "place" refers to the speaker's location.  

Though I'm sure someone will disagree. <g>

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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