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Re: KLBC two semi-old posts to be critiqued please

Well... actually it's just one for me... pagh, I know you're busy, so can
*anybody* please tell me if my first post was syntactically correct, etc.
Here it is:

jenwI' mupongnISqu' tlhInganpu'

"Dumfries"-Daq wa'maH Hut ben jIboghpu'("Scotland" Sep).
DaH "Edinburgh" yoSvo' Sum juHwIj.
DaH DuSaQ'a'Daq jIHaD.

"Danish" Hol, "German" Hol, De'wI' QeD je vIHaD
QIt tlhIngan Hol vIHaD je

"Tibet" vItlhabmoH vInIDtaH je

DaHjaj "Day of Honour" paq vIje'pu'. 
Do' Daj 'oH [I was meaning "it might prove interesting"].

yapqu'! ta' Hol vIghItlhqangtaHbe'

Also, what's the difference between nuv & ghot?

*mutta'* tuq

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