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KLBC two semi-old posts to be critiqued please

Quch 'oH QISmaSlIj vIneH ( lit. <I want your christmas to be happy>)

<pagh,I posted this once but you might have busy--I mean the GB is the buziest person on this mailing list (I kept the rest of the message so you could view it in context) and there is another old post also that I dont think you answered after this one>

> pagh if you could anylize my sentence..... and jeyD this is my >warriors answer to you 
>>jatlh jeyD: <<jatlh nuvHom QIp >>
>>> How do I unsubscribe? 




>nuvHom tIch neH ghewHom 'ej lo'laHbe'ba' 'oH 'ach lo'laH 'oH 
>mup DaSwIj bing DaQ. vaj nuvHom batlh law' ghewHom  batlh puS 

after I posted and saw a mistake or two I reposted it
>nuvHom tIch ghewHom neH 'ej lo'laHbe'ba' 'oH 'ach lo'laH 'oH 
>mup DaSwIj bIng DaQ. vaj nuvHom batlh law' ghewHom  batlh puS 
           pagh, DaH pabwIj qar'a' 
>                chavta'ngav 

The 2 questions that I have with this one are:
1)I wanted <crushed under my boot> and used <mup> (hit) is there a 
word that gives a better meaning of crush? <tlhaw'> meybe??
2)I also wanted to say something with <except>  but couldn't figure out how to do it so I obviously rephrased it but how would I have said that?? <its obviously worthless except to be crushed under my boot>?--does what I said carry that meaning or is there a better way to express it?


and this is something posted 22 nov 99. I dont think your E-mail was working then--and besides I dont know how you handle all of the BG traffic anyway, I certainly couldn't but if you could critique it (keep in mind its a month ago and ive learned quite a bit since then)
(the first part is to show it in context, the second part are my sentences)

>>>>I plan to learn tlhIngan Hol practically overnight (in three >>>>stages) 
>>>>(perhaps reach the depth of understanding of HoD Qanqor himself 
>>>jatlh qa'ral 
>>qajunpaQDaj Ho'nISlu'bej 'ach wej qaDwI'vam SaHnISlaw' HoDma' 
>  (my translation to avoid miscommunications-until im good enough) 
>-->I certainly admire your audacity, however our captain apparently 
>-->needs not to be concerned yet about this challenge of mine 

I have since learned that a better translation would be: 
  (he answered me back !!!)

( One certainly has to admire his audacity, but I don't think our captain need worry about this challenger as yet.  )

pagh--these are the sentences that I wrote a month ago that I ask you to look at

>my response to him 
>bIjatlh ghaj jIH <<qajunpaQ>> 
>-->you said I show audacity 
>bI lugh 'a tlhIngan jIHqu' 'e' bIlugh bISovmoH meq 
>-->you are right but the reason you are is....I'M A KLINGON !!! 
>butlh vIghaj 'e' vISov jIH 'ej vaj tiq 
>-->I know I have dirt under my fingernails (gall) and the heart of a 
>qatlh <<qaDwI'vam>> mu' chojatlh SoH? 
>-->why did you say the word <<qaDwI'vam>>? 
>    did you mean--> *this challenge of mine*? or *this my challenge*? 
>tugh lugh vIneH jIH vaj <<qaDlI'vam>> DaHech SoH 
>-->I want to be right, so... did you intend <<qaDlI'vam>> 
                                  * this challenge of yours*? 

 the one question I have about the above sentences above are several axamples of a pronoun and a verb prefix <vISov jIH> <chojatlh SoH> <vIneH jIH> <DaHech SoH>---should I drop the pronoun since the prefix carries the meaning or should it be included 

>  paq....please criticize my sentences 
>     and qa'ral.... is that what you meant? 

as I said qa'ral answered me so I know what he meant and where I was 
making any errors in translating his statements but how were my sentences?? 


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