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Re: Stress in Klingon

> A good way to get a feel for Okrand's transcription is to look at how 
> he has transcribed some Terran names:

: Where did all these come from? (I.e. what are your sources?)
: (Some I recognize from the Radio Times article, but the others?)
I just knew someone was going to ask!

> 'antonI'            Anthony 
> tlhI'yopatra'       Cleopatra
> HenrI'              Henry

These original Klingon titles of two {SeQpIr} plays are from KGT: {'antonI'
tlhI'yopatra' je} and {HenrI' vagh}.

> Day joH             Lady Di 

She was in the BBC television magazine "Radio Times" special Star Trek 30th
anniversary issue:

  DaH nuq ta'pu' Day joH
  What has Lady Di done now?

> janluq pIqarD       Jean-Luc Picard

{pIqarD HoD} was mentioned in SkyBox card S25:

  DaH che' ghawran. yejquv DevwI' moj ghawran 'e' wuqta' cho' 'oDwI'
   Dapu'bogh janluq pIqarD HoD.
  Gowron currently presides, named leader of the High Council by
   Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who was acting as Arbiter of Succession.

> barbara' ma'rIch    Barbara March
> ghuwI'nItlh wa'lIS  Gwynyth Walsh
> jan kalI'qoS        John Colicos
> janluq pIqarD       Jean-Luc Picard
> mayqel 'anSa'ra     Michael Ansara
> mayqel Do'rIn       Michael Dorn
> rabe'rIt 'o'raylIy  Robert O'Reilly
> raqSan bIQ-DawSon   Roxann Biggs-Dawson

This list of actors playing Klingons appeared in "Star Trek: Communicator"
#104 (1995) special Klingon issue.  (STC is the magazine of Star Trek: The
Official Fan Club -- the one officially sponsored by Paramount.)

> nIylo roDIS         Nilo Rodis
> bIl jo'rIj          Bill George
>From the SciPubTech Klingon Bird-of-Prey Technical Callouts poster:  

  lu'oghta' nIylo roDIS bIl jo'rIj je 
  Designed by: Nilo Rodis & Bill George.

Although Marc Okrand was credited, oddly enough his name wasn't given in
tlhIngan Hol transcription on the poster.

We also have a new (or old?) one to add to the list from Okrand's Klingon
notes for the movie ST5, which have just been published by Lawrence in
HolQeD (v.8, no.4: Dec. 1999):

  jems tIy qIrq       James T. Kirk

In a line of dialogue we never heard, Captain Klaa says:

  jemS tIy qIrq. loDHom jIHDI' qIrq qun vIqImchoH.
  James T. Kirk. I've followed his history since I was a boy.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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