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Re: Klingon WOTD: DIb (n)

At 01:56 PM 12/20/99 -0500, you wrote:

>What I meant was that rights/privaledges follow from deeds. They 
>do not simply exist in the way that we might say one has a right 
>to free speech or that one has a right to pursue happiness, or a 
>right to be fed and sheltered. For a Klingon, you can speak 
>freely when you can prove that you can defend yourself if 
>someone objects. You have a right to pursue happiness if you 
>prove that you have the strength and determination to destroy 
>any barriers between you and your goal. You have a right to food 
>and shelter when you defend these resources successfully.

motlh.  'a rut Hub'eghlaHbe'bogh nuvpu' Hub tlhIngan chut.  be' loDnal
HoHchugh latlh loD, 'ej puqloD ghajbe' be'vam vaj bIreqtal tay ta'laH be'.
'e' ta'DI' be', loDnal moj latlh loD 'ej Dejbe' be'vetlh tuq.  bIreqtal tay
ta'nISbe' be', 'ach 'e' ta' neHchugh ghaH vaj DIbDaj 'oH.  potlhbe' be'
HoS, nuH laHmeyDaj ghap. ghaH Hub chut DIbmeyDaj.

>If you are arrested on Qo'noS, they don't tell you that you have 
>the right to remain silent. They merely tell you to remain 
>silent. It's more to the point.

toH Qo'noSDaq SoHtaHvIS lIjon chut yaSpu'.  Daj...nuq 'oH HeSlIj'e'?
tachDaq 'Iw HIq bIr DapoQ'a'? 


>> SuSvaj
>> > 
>> >> ijeyD
>> >
>> >charghwI'

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