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RE: How to unsubscribe (was Re: KLBC: wa'Hu')

Nick Wilcox wrote:

> no really, how do you un subscribe this list.
> I got on it thinking it was something to help you learn the language, but 
> it's just you guys speaking to each other. I don't speak Klingon, so i'd 
> like to unsubscribe.

This *is* a place to learn the language - probably the best place for a lot
of people. There is a lot of traffic in Klingon on this list at all levels.
Some of it is experienced Klingon speakers talking about all sorts of
things, but quite a bit of it is beginners posting their attempts and
getting responses from the Beginners' Grammarian - currently me. If you want
to learn Klingon, this is an excellent way to do it.

If you still want to unsubscribe, send mail to
<> and that should take you off the list.

Beginners' Grammarian

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