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Re: How to unsubscribe (was Re: KLBC: wa'Hu')

Heh funny..   I don't speak a word of Klingon..  Ok so I lied.. I know a
couple of words, but I am learning it VERY slowly..  The kewl part about
this language is it's Encryptic possibilities.. heh..  if we all ever
wanted to take over the world we probably could.. LOL !!!


And don't yell at me since spelled that wrong, like I said, I understand
this guy for wanted to leave, but I think he would be loosing out on an
interesting language.. :)

Admiral Knight Vision

"Andeen, Eric" wrote:
> Nick Wilcox wrote:
> > no really, how do you un subscribe this list.
> > I got on it thinking it was something to help you learn the language, but
> > it's just you guys speaking to each other. I don't speak Klingon, so i'd
> > like to unsubscribe.
> This *is* a place to learn the language - probably the best place for a lot
> of people. There is a lot of traffic in Klingon on this list at all levels.
> Some of it is experienced Klingon speakers talking about all sorts of
> things, but quite a bit of it is beginners posting their attempts and
> getting responses from the Beginners' Grammarian - currently me. If you want
> to learn Klingon, this is an excellent way to do it.
> If you still want to unsubscribe, send mail to
> <> and that should take you off the list.
> pagh
> Beginners' Grammarian

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