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RE: How to unsubscribe (was Re: KLBC: wa'Hu')

On Wed, 15 Dec 1999 16:54:04 -0800 cvoc7 
<> wrote:

> I have not even recieved My Klingon Dictionary yet and I already have 194
> Message to transulate.

You must learn to let go. If you don't, you will become mad. Do 
not volunteer to become mad.

The archives will always be there if you decide to go back and 
look at old messages.

Instead, it is better to just read the ones you can read and 
delete the rest. Your hands will still become wet even as the 
water slips through your fingers. Eventually, you will learn to 
drink. For now, simply get wet.

Do not expect others to write in English so you can read their 
messages. It is not good to force beginners to write like 
experts or to force experts to write like beginners. We each 
have a place here. We each have messages we are better off 
deleting than spending time on. Find those that interest you and 
let go of the rest.

Also realize that many of the messages you are storing to 
translate later are probably written badly and may be impossible 
to translate. You will learn the difference after you have 
worked with the language some.
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> English Please!!! I'm a Terran! (See I can't even spell Terran)


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