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Re: How to unsubscribe (was Re: KLBC: wa'Hu')

jatlh nuv QIp
> English Please!!! I'm a Terran! (See I can't even spell Terran)

hahahahah...sorry....No need for you to know what I said....i was just
insulting you   :)

Read the tells you there geess

nuv QIp vImuS!! tlhIngan Hol Daghoj DaneHchugh tetlhvam DamuvnIS.  tlhIngan
Hol lughoj luneHbe'chugh  qatlh tetlhvam lumuv?

(qatlh vISov. neH tlhIngan HolwIj vIqeq)

tlhIngan Hol vIqeqbogh Se' vIghurnIS.   Is it ok to use Se'  here?  How else
would you say this sentance?


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