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Re: Topic or emphasis?

On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, David Trimboli wrote:

> > It's not a bad theory, and it can clear up a few things. But it doesn't
> > jive with current usage (at least, not htat *I* can tell).
> Current usage?  You mean KLI members' usage?  This mailing list's usage?  Or
> known Klingon usage?  That's important.

The only usage of which *I'm* aware is the Mailing List's usage--in
particular that of charghwI', ghunchu'wI', voragh, and yourself. A few
list members emphasise, from time to time, that when posting to the list,
the posts ought to be clear (as is possible with an alien tongue) in
meaning. What you propose, SuStel, is well thought out--and jives well
with what little I know of linguistics, but it might throw a monkey wrench
into how we, the relative newbies, parse the sentences of others.

We most definately need MO's word on this.


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