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Worf > Mogh > Worf

jatlh charghwI':
> > > So, who was Mogh the son of? What is the
> > > name of their house? Ummm. Gee. We don't know. Nobody thought
> > > about that.
> > [. . .]
> > > We don't know. We can't know.

> > Mogh's father's name was Worf.

jatlh charghwI':
> My whole point here is that there is nothing in Worf's name or
> the way he gives his name in any of the movies or TV series that
> would tell you that his grandfather's name is Worf. We also
> don't know what Worf's grandfather's name is.

I realize what your point was.  I was just pointing out that we DO know that
the lineage here is Worf, son of Mogh, son of Worf.  Besides a very
familiar-looking face called Colonel Worf in Star Trek VI who attended the
peace conference at Khitomer, an interview with Michael Dorn has him saying
that he plays the paternal grandfather of the Next Generation character.
Thus, Mogh's father's name was Worf.

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