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Re: Nautical Directions/Navigation

jatlh vay':
> At 04:23 PM 12/12/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >changing wI- to ma- doesn't make it clipped.
> >with or without -Daq, it should be wI-.

jatlh SuSvaj:
> No.  That's not what I meant.  I meant that the sentence can be
> interpereted as:
>    "nImbuS wej maghoS"  We are going to Nimbus III.  "He yInab."  Plot the
> course.

{nImbuS wej maghoS} can only be considered correct if one assumes it is
clipped Klingon (which would be odd, as everything else Klaa says is in
standard Klingon).

If this is not supposed to be clipped, then the object of {ghoS} is {nImbuS
wej}.  This means it must take the 1st person plural subject / 3rd person
singular object prefix: {wI-}.  {nImbuS wej wIghoS}.

As we have learned in HolQeD Vol.7, No. 4, using {-Daq} with a verb like
{ghoS} (or {leng}, or {jaH}), where the verb has a no-object prefix, means
the action of motion takes place at or inside of the noun with {-Daq}.  The
noun with {-Daq} can only be the destination if it is the object of the
verb.  The following are all correct (though hardly exclusive) translations:

nImbuS wej wIghoS
We are heading for Nimbus III.

nImbuS wejDaq wIghoS
We are heading for Nimbus III.

nImbuS wejDaq maghoS
We are following a course on Nimbus III.

Notice that this last one does not have Nimbus III as the destination of the
moving; it is the location in which the moving takes place.  {ghoS}, {leng},
{jaH}, {bav}, {Dech},  {ngaS}, {paw}, and {'el} are known to do this.
Pretty scary, huh?  This nearly breaks {-Daq} altogether.

Fortunately, in "From the Grammarian's Desk" in HolQeD Vol. 8, No. 1, we
learn that this special {-Daq} rule only applies to certain verbs.  So far,
only the ones listed above can do this.

Personally, I feel that {-Daq} is still hanging on its hinges with this new
set of rules, but there we are.

> >If you do use ma- then you have to use -Daq,
> Not so.  When useing "ghoS", the "Daq" suffix is not requiered.

As long as the noun is the object.

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