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Re: Nautical Directions/Navigation

>>Earlier in the movie, Klaa says {nImbuS wej maghoS; He yInab}.  I believe
>>the subtitle is "Set course for Nimbus III."  Note that {maghoS} should be
>>{wIghoS}.  {nImbuS wej wIghoS; He yInab} "We're going to Nimbus III.  Plan a
>I always took that phrase to clipped Klingon.  Shortened from:
>		"nImbuS wejDaq maghoS.  He yInab"
>				or
>	   "We are going to Nimbus III.  Plot the course!"

changing wI- to ma- doesn't make it clipped.
with or without -Daq, it should be wI-.

If you do use ma- then you have to use -Daq, but this would mean that you
are already on Nimbus III; and that's not what was wanted here.


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