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Re: Nautical Directions/Navigation

Jeremy Silver wrote:

>How much cannon do we have for directions/navigation and setting courses 
>on a Klingon ship?

Examples of {chIj} "navigate":

   nIteb DujlIj yIchIj. 
   Navigate your vessel alone. (proverb) TKW 

   vaj Duj DachIj 
   You navigate a warrior ship 
   (idiom: "You have strength of character.") KGT

   vaj Duj chIjbe' He/she does not navigate a warrior ship 
   (idiom: "He/she lacks strength of character.") KGT

   Dujmey law' DachIjpu' 
   You have navigated many ships. (idiom: "You are experienced.") KGT

In addition, there is {raQ} "manipulate by hand, handle": 

  "By extension, the term {raQ} is also used when referring to controlling
   a space vessel 'manually' (that is, when the controls are manipulated 
   directly by a person rather than a computer): {Duj raQ} (He/she controls
   the ship manually)." (KGT p.79)

>I believe we have the noun He for course, ghoS as a verb for following it,
>how many examples of their use are known?

{HeDon} has never been used, but here's what I have for {He} and {ghoS}:

  He chu' yIghoS 
  Follow a new course! (Clipped: He chu' ghoS) TKD 

  He chu' ghoS. DIvI' neHmaH.
  New course. Federation neutral zone. ST3 

  nImbuS wej maghoS. He yInab! 
  Plot course for Nimbus III. ST5 [punctuation uncertain]

  HIvHe yIchoHmoH! 
  Alter the attack course! ST5

  HeDaj yIqIm! 
  Track her course! ST5

  'ach HoD, Hevetlh wIghoSchugh veH tIn wI'el maH'e'. 
  But Captain, that course will take us into the [Great] Barrier as well. ST5
  ["... if we follow that course ..."]

  DeghwI'... He chu'.
  ["Helmsman... New course!" (from novel)] ST6

  He chu' ghoS 
  "Set [new] course." (TNG "Unification I" [ST Encyclopedia])

  Duj ghoStaH 
  It is approaching the ship. TKD

  yuQ wIghoStaH 
  We are proceeding toward the planet. TKD

  steady on course! maintain this course! TKD

  May we execute a course (to some place)? TKD

  Duj ghoStaH nuq
  What is coming toward the ship? TKD

  cha'maH vagh vatlhvI' Hong. QIt yIghoS! [punctuation uncertain]
  Slow to one quarter impulse power.
  [lit. "Twenty five percent impulse power. Proceed slowly!"] ST5

  'entepray' yIghoS! 
  Bear on Enterprise! ST5

  nom yIghoSqu'! 
  Maximum speed. ST5

  nuqDaq ghoS?
  What is your destination? ST6

  qatlh pa' ghoS?
  What's she doing? ["Why is she going there?"] ST6

>Do we have have anything that suggests the use of the bearing mark elevation
>terminology the federation uses? Something equivalent to "Set course 180 mark
>200" or the like?

  He pagh pagh pagh DoD cha' yInab! 
  Plot course zero-zero-zero, mark two. ST5

Okrand comments on this very subject in his recent (11/21/99)
startrek.klingon post on the three Klingon cardinal directions:

  Finally, it should be noted that none of this terminology
  ever was adapted for navigation in space.  Klingons have
  made use of the system common throughout the galaxy by
  which courses, bearings, coordinates, and so forth are
  given numerically:

    He wej pagh Soch DoD cha'  "course 3-0-7-mark-2"

Note that Okrand does not say that the traditional {chan}/{'ev}/{tIng}
method wasn't used on Kronos in water-based navigation, just that a
numerical system was used by Klingons in space.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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