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Re: Nautical Directions/Navigation

In Star Trek V, we see some of this.  When Captain Kirk transmits his
"coordinates" (he's really just giving a bearing; spacial coordinates
require three numbers), he says "Zero zero zero mark two."  In Klingon,
Captain Klaa says {He pagh pagh pagh DoD cha' yInab} "Plan course zero zero
zero mark two" (though the subtitle gives "plan" as "set," and is the
smoother translation).  Was this simply Klaa using the Federation
coordinates because Kirk did, or do Klingons use the same system?

Earlier in the movie, Klaa says {nImbuS wej maghoS; He yInab}.  I believe
the subtitle is "Set course for Nimbus III."  Note that {maghoS} should be
{wIghoS}.  {nImbuS wej wIghoS; He yInab} "We're going to Nimbus III.  Plan a

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Subject: Nautical Directions/Navigation

> How much cannon do we have for directions/navigation and setting courses
on a
> Klingon ship?
> I believe we have the noun He for course, ghoS as a verb for following it,
> many examples of their use are known?
> Do we have have anything that suggests the use of the bearing mark
> terminology the federation uses? Something equivalent to "Set course 180
> 200" or the like?
> I have found HeDon for parallel course, is there an equivalent for
> course?
> How about ship-board direction equivalents? I have found 'et for fore and
> for aft, anyone know if poS and nIH might be alternatives for Port and
> Starboard? What about vertical directions, up/down, topside/below?
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