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Re: cardinal directions

"Mark E. Shoulson" wrote:
> Man!  The intricacies of details people are trying to deduce from three
> lousy words!  Okrand gave us some directional words and folks are working
> out the details of Kronos' rotation and the Klingons' attitude toward their
> poles and what they consider make good co-ordinates!  Aren't we reading a
> bit much into all this?

I like to look at it from the standpoint of an Antropologist
(Klingonologist?); there's a damn lot we don't know about the Warrior
Race, and we're only gradually finding out a little bit more each year.
Yes, it's fun to speculate; I do it all the time. After all, where would
we be if scientists and philosophers hadn't looked at the world around
them and tried to deduce the workings of the universe from the barest
shreds of information then available? So what if the flights of fancy
cooked up by myself and others prove to be completely off the mark. To
quote Bill Murry:

"If I'm wrong, nothing happens. We go to jail. Peacefully, quietly, we'll
enjoy it."

Really, the Play's the thing. =) =)


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