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Re: jang. ja' <blah, blah, blah>

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999 13:30:20 -0500 TPO <> wrote:

> >> ... after TKD we have the interview in HolQeD 28
> >> (Dec 98) p7 "He asked me. He said, 'blah, blah, blah.'"
> >
> >
> >toH!  Then "jIjang: <blah, blah, blah>" works as well as "jIjang. jIja' 
> ><blah, blah, blah>"? What a relief! And is "<blah, blah, blah> jIjang" 
> >kosher too?

Obviously there is something missing here. As presented here, 
you seem to be taking exactly the opposite conclusion as that 
which is presented. I had that interview with Okrand referenced 
above and Okrand made it quite clear that, while there were some 
exceptional canon examples from earlier times (like the joke 
about "Can we get to the Great Hall from here?") his definite 
intent is that {ja'} and {jatlh} are almost exclusively the 
verbs to use with direct quotation. Add that we have no examples 
in canon and no suggestion anywhere in canon that Klingons ever 
use indirect quotation.

So, if you are using ta' Hol, you use {ja'} or {jatlh}. You 
don't use {jang}, unless it is as the example above gives it:

jIjang. jIjatlh <<*Whatever*>>.
> The way I read the interview, if you are "quoting" what was said then you
> use jatlh (or ja').
> DloraH


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