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RE: KLBC: Hol vI'lo 'e' vInID (wej)

jatlh tuv'el:

> KLBC: Hol vI'lo 'e' vInID (wej)
> SIbI' jIHvaD Hoch De' yIja' 'ej vay' yInop!
> Tell me all the information 
> immediately and don't leave out anything!

Good up to the <vay' yInop>. The last bit says "and leave something out".
You probably want <pagh yInop>.

You could also use the "prefix trick" here and shorten it a bit:

SIbI' Hoch De' HIja' 'ej pagh yInop!

> nep jupqoqma' vaj vISangta'.
> Our so-called friend lied, so I obliterated him.


> yerwIj yI'el.
> Enter my domain.


> ta'ta' chaH!
> They did it!

This probably needs to be <luta'ta' chaH>.

> wab Qoylu'bej 'ej wovmoHwI' leghlu'ba' 
> 'ach reH bang'e' larghlu'.
> One can certainly hear a sound, and light 
> is obviously seen, but love is always 
> smelled. (I hope I remembered the saying correctly.) ;/

The proverb doesn't have an <-'e'>, but there's no reason you can't add one.

Beginners' Grammarian

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