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RE: KLBC: maw'

jatlh ijeyD:
> ok..I wanted to say that..but I know what you mean about 
> it being dangerous! I wasn't sure if it would come out 
> as "I cause you to be crazy" of "I cause crazy somthing 
> or other........."

Well, in a simple case like <chomaw'moH>, it's quite harmless and easy. It
doesn't get dangerous until you want to add <-moH> to something like <yaSvaD
taj nob matlh>. My advice is to just stay away from that sort of thing . . .

> thankyou,

> I just wanted to say that I think the job that you do on 
> this list is a very honorable one and that it is obvious 
> that you do a lot of work to help other people.  ThankYou!

batlh jItoy' 'e' vInID. rut jIQapbej, rut jIQapchu'be' 'ej rut jIQapHa'.

> nuv law' boQaHba'
wa' nuv'e' jIH. <bo-> yIlo'Qo'. <Da-> yIlo'.

Beginners' Grammarian

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