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Re: KLBC: maw'

ok..I wanted to say that..but I know what you mean about it being dangerous!
I wasn't sure if it would come out as "I cause you to be crazy" of "I cause
crazy somthing or other........."


I just wanted to say that I think the job that you do on this list is a very
honorable one and that it is obvious that you do a lot of work to help other
people.  ThankYou!

nuv law' boQaHba'

jatlh pagh:
> jatlh ijeyD:
>> How would you say "You make me crazy?"
> It's time for the wonderful and dangerous verb suffix <-moH>. Since <maw'>
> means "be crazy", if you add the suffix <-moH>, it turns into "cause
> (someone else) to be crazy". "You make me crazy" would be whole sentence in
> a single word: <chomaw'moH>.


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