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RE: KLBC: love

jatlh jeyD:
> Is there a verb meaning love? qa<verb> so you could say  
> "I love you?"   Let me guess, Klingons don't say this :)

"Love" has to be one of the most abused verbs in the English language. It
covers a whole range of related meanings, and telling which is which can get
ugly. I can say and mean all of the following things:

I love chocolate
I love my pet bird
I love my parents
I love my brother
I love my daughter
I love my fellow man
I love my wife
I love to ski
I love my job

We won't even get into all the things "I love you" can mean on a date.

Klingon does not have a single word which encompasses all of these meanings.
It does have a whole lot of ways to express these ideas, though:

bangwI' SoH
parmaqaywI' SoH
qaSaH / qaSaHqu'
qa'uch vIneH
qangagh vIneH
yuch vIparHa'qu'
puqbe'wI' potlh law' Hoch potlh puS
jIvum 'e' vItIvqu'

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