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RE: KLBC: adjectives

jatlh jeyD:

> Can verbs functioning as an adjective take any other suffix 
> other than  -qu'?
> mainly    -be' ?

We have seen both <-be'> and <-Ha'> on verbs functioning as adjectives. An
example for <-be'> comes from the counting section of the Conversational
Klingon audiotape. I think the number is seven, but I could be wrong:

Soch yIHmey lI'be' - Eight useless tribbles.

I don't remember any of the examples for <-Ha'> offhand, but if you're
curious, either Voragh or I could find some.

> I want to say complex/not simple  data transmission
> (jabbI'ID napbe' )   Is there a better way to say this?
> (my sentance is  "jabbI'ID  napbe'  vIghItlhmo'  
> jIQoSqu'  ")

Well, the verb <Qatlh> means both "be difficult" and "be complex". I've
always been a little ambivalent about using it in this way, but it might
work. <napbe'> works just fine, though.

<ghItlh> is "write" in the sense of the physical process of marking a
surface, and it (probably) extends to the virutal equivalent of punching
keys on a keyboard to put characters on the screen. While you did <ghItlh>
your data transmission, that was probably not the most important aspect of
it. I tend to use <lab> - "transmit" when talking about email messages,
while others often use <qon> - "record".

Finally, "I'm sorry" is a perfectly natural thing for an English speaker to
say, but not for a Klingon. If you must appologize (and Klingons do so much
less often than Humans), then <jItlhIj> is probably better.

> ijeyD

jeyD Daponglu' pagh ijeyD Daponglu'? yIQIj.

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