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RE: pongwIj

reghIyna' pong qel ghotpu':
> . . .

> I pronounce Regina with stress on the second syllable: 
> re-JEE-nuh. (Of course, some people may pronounce it 
> differently.) {rejIy'na} would place stress on the 
> second syllable. In any case, the issue is irrelevant. 
> Regina has already decided on {reghIyna'}.

The stop does just move the stress to the second syllable; it adds a whole
new consonant. Since we don't (for the most part) have glottal stops in
English, the closest approximation of the difference would probably be
re-JEE-nuh vs. re-JEET-nuh. That's a fairly different sound.

I rather like <reghIyna'>. It sounds unusual and alien. Part of the fun of
Klingon is being able to be someone else - someone just slightly different -
while speaking it, and choosing a name is part of that. If it matches your
own boring human name too closely, then it's no fun - at least for me.

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