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Re: KLBC: Dearest Love

>Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 23:38:00 -0600
>From: Steven Boozer <>
>>To continue however if I wanted to say "pure love" or "my pure dearest love"
>>could I say:  bang nIt -- pure love.  
>: Grammatically okay, but be careful with the meaning.  The English
>: expression "my pure dearest love", at least historically, referred to a
>: different meaning of "pure": not "unmixed" but rather "innocent, chaste."
>: "My pure love" was like "my innocent one, my love unsullied by sin or
>: corruption."  Hey, whaddaya want from Elizabethans?  
>:    [....]
>: Mmm... Then again, {nIt} is glossed as "be uncorrupted", but given the
>: other meanings it seems more like "not corrupted by admixture of other
>: elements" than "not corrupted by sin."  To me, anyway.  
>{nIt} is glossed "be plain, be pure, be uncorrupted, be unsullied" in KGT.
>Nothing about being unmixed.  {nIt} is also used in {ghe'naQ nIt} "grand
>opera" which, I guess, is the purist's form, uncorrupted/unsullied by
>populist music.  

"plain" means unmixed; "pure" can mean the same.  ghe'naQ nIt is
uncorrupted by the admixture of popular music.  But not the same as "pure
from sinful thought and deed" (which of course at the time meant sex).


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