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Re: KLBC: Dearest Love
>To continue however if I wanted to say "pure love" or "my pure dearest love"
>could I say:  bang nIt -- pure love.  

: Grammatically okay, but be careful with the meaning.  The English
: expression "my pure dearest love", at least historically, referred to a
: different meaning of "pure": not "unmixed" but rather "innocent, chaste."
: "My pure love" was like "my innocent one, my love unsullied by sin or
: corruption."  Hey, whaddaya want from Elizabethans?  
:    [....]
: Mmm... Then again, {nIt} is glossed as "be uncorrupted", but given the
: other meanings it seems more like "not corrupted by admixture of other
: elements" than "not corrupted by sin."  To me, anyway.  
{nIt} is glossed "be plain, be pure, be uncorrupted, be unsullied" in KGT.
Nothing about being unmixed.  {nIt} is also used in {ghe'naQ nIt} "grand
opera" which, I guess, is the purist's form, uncorrupted/unsullied by
populist music.  

Lessee... there's also a verb for "sin" {yem}.  Hmm... sounds like the
Klingons would have gotten along well with the Elizabethans.  No wonder
they claim {SeQpIr] as their own.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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