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RE: help with name

jatlh malqa:

> I just checked in the New Words section and B'Etor is 
> noted in tlhIngan Hol as be'etor . So is B'Elanna only the 
> terran way of spelling that name ? It's pronounced 
> Bay-lanna so would it properly be spelled be'elanna or 
> be'lanna ? 

Actually, it seems to me like it's pronounced "be-LA-na", where the first
"e" is pronounced like the Klingon "e", but a little bit shorter. Hence
<belana>. I've never heard an initial "Bay" sound. I could be wrong, though.
I don't watch Voyager. 

> As for as the tlhIngan Hol spelling for Berucha 
> I understand now about using H for the ch sound instead of q. 
> Would it then be ,beru'Ha ? It's only going to be written 
> down but I do want to get it correct.

beru'Ha would be good. You may never say it in front of anyone else, but do
at least repeat it to yourself a few times to see how it sounds.

> Have I confused ya'll enough yet ? 

yap mISmaj :)

Beginners' Grammarian

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