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Re: help with name

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, malqa wrote:

> I"m working on my persona and need some feedback
> The name I've choosed for my klingon grandmother ,spelled in English (well
> sorta it's Hebrew or Yiddish which I use as a base name) is Berucha.
> At first I wrote this as (and I'm using tlhIngan Hol letters) b'ruqa.
> But I'm wondering if it should be b'eruqa as the example was given 
> or even beruqa with no "'" after the b at all. Isn't B'Etor or B'Elanna
> the terran version of b'etor or b'elanna ? 
> So, what your choice of name for my grandmother.

Is the "ch" in your Grandmother's name a "he" or a "kapf/qapf"?
tlhIngan "H" is like the first, whilst tlhIngan "q" is like the
second (intuitive, neh?).

Some possibilities:


Also, I'm not certain 'bout Yiddish, but I know
that Ashkanazi Jews had two pronounciations for "beth", the second
("bheth") was an aspirated sound, close to "ve/we". In that case, you
might use tlhIngan "v" in the first syllable.


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