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Re: Klingon Komparative/KLBC

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, William H. Martin wrote:

>SoH Sov law' jIH Sov puS, 'ej matlh Sov law'qu' maH Hoch Sov puSqu'.
ghItlhpu' charghwI': 
> "You are knower than I am."? "and Maltz is very much knower than 
> us all."?

> How 'bout this:
> De' DaSovbogh law' De' vISovbogh puS, 'ej De' Sovbogh matlh law'qu' De'
> wISovbogh maH Hoch puSqu'. qar'a'?

> You are forgetting the Q in:
> A Q law' B Q puS.
> A is Qer than B.
> There has to be some verb of quality being used here. You don't 
> have one. That's why I had the problem in the first place. The 
> verb {Sov} is not a verb of quality, and if you meant to use 
> {Sov} as the noun "knowledge", then you still don't have a verb 
> of quality.

I'm trying to express this statement: "Your knowlege is greater than mine,
and Maltz knows more than all of us."

I wasn't certain <Sov> could be used as a noun. (It's not listed as such
in my copy of TKD.)

I was under the impression that one could compare two sentences/clauses.


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