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Re: Translating the word "Klingon" into other languages?

> Wow, this could be scary!
> <down to business>
jatlh Michka:
> I now have English, Klingon, and German. Only 47 more to go.
> I think I will go have a word with some localizers. I hope they are all
> "Trekkies" (I would hate to have to try to explain the term to someone who
> does not even know what a Klingon *is*. :-)
Well, once I had this terribel situation. I had a collection of klingon  
words, which I just learnt. One of my friends and I wanted to make a  
tripp, and she said she wanted to test my klingon skills during our tripp.  
I had my guide dog with me, so anyone could see that I am blind. So we  
were in the train, and my friend tested my klingon knowleges. And, in  
dead, there was a woman who came and asked us, what language I spoke. I  
said it was klingon, and then she wanted to know, if this was a special  
language for blind people...

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