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Re: KLBC: ghov/qaw

jatlh pagh:
>As others have pointed out, the German dictionary is full of translation
> >errors. HovqIj (an excellent Klingon speaker from Germany) has even advised
> >anyone wanting to learn Klingon to get hold of an English TKD, and use it
> >rather than the German one as the primary reference.
> The English TKD and the other books about tlhIngan Hol written by Marc
> Okrand certainly are the most reliable source for words and grammar. So, if
> you understand at least some English, I'll recommend you to get TKD. If you
> have trouble getting one, you can get the program <pojwI'> from the
> internet. You can use it to check the vocabulary. It has some other
> interesting and helpful features, too. If you don't trust your ability to
> speak English at all, see
> for a list of corrections of the mistakes in the Klingon-German
> dictionary-qoq.
thank you very much for your information. Well, I speek English, but  
perhaps first I am gonna look at this homepage. I wonder if Okrand's Books  
exist on CD-Rom. I am blind, but I have the possibility to scan books into  
my computer. But I think it would be a risk to scan a Klingon Dictinary,  
for my scanning software may cause some misstakes. So the best for me  
would be an "electronical" version.

> >
> >
> HovqIj

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