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Re: KLBC: ghov/qaw

jIvumqu'nISmo' Hoch jabbI'IDmey vIlaDlaHbe'. jav vatlh loSmaH wa' jabbI'ID
DalaDnIS muja' De'wI'wIj.
bong QInvam vIlaDpu':

ReginavaD jang pagh; jatlh:

>jatlh Regina:
>> In my dictionary there are two klingon words for "remember":
>> "ghov" and "qaw". What's the difference?
>As others have pointed out, the German dictionary is full of translation
>errors. HovqIj (an excellent Klingon speaker from Germany) has even advised
>anyone wanting to learn Klingon to get hold of an English TKD, and use it
>rather than the German one as the primary reference.

The English TKD and the other books about tlhIngan Hol written by Marc
Okrand certainly are the most reliable source for words and grammar. So, if
you understand at least some English, I'll recommend you to get TKD. If you
have trouble getting one, you can get the program <pojwI'> from the
internet. You can use it to check the vocabulary. It has some other
interesting and helpful features, too. If you don't trust your ability to
speak English at all, see
for a list of corrections of the mistakes in the Klingon-German

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