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Re: adverb suffixes???

jatlh Clayton:
>nItebchoH veng.

jang mark:
>This sentence no verb.  If you mean "the city became alone", that would be
>"mobchoH veng", whatever that means.

LOL. Actually, {nItebchoH veng} means, "The cities fill you." ({nItebchoH} = {
nI-} + {teb} + {-choH}).

jatlh Clayton:
>qenba' jImej.

ghel mark:
>What does this mean that {qen jImejba'} doesn't?

qenba' jImej. I fled, and that fleeing was obviously recent.
qen jImejba'. Recently, I obviously fled.

In English, they would probably both be translated as "I obviously fled 
recently," but there is a difference, qar'a'?

Note that I do not necessarily agree with the use of type 6 suffixes on 
adverbs; I'm merely making a point.

jatlh Clayton:
>QItqu' yIt.

jang mark:
>Emphasizing the adverbs does make a certain amount of sense; {QIt yItqu'}
>doesn't seem to have quite the same meaning as what you have above.  But we
>have no evidence that it can be done in Klingon.

Personally, I like the use of rovers on adverbs...but I won't use them unless 
such usage becomes canonical.

- DujHoD

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