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RE: Samhain [Off Topic] (was:RE: qISmaS) [veering back on topic]

jIja' pagh:
> > The Klingon word for "Christmas" would be "Christmas". 
> > Since Christmas is not a Klingon holiday, there is no 
> > word for it in Klingon, just like there is no American 
> > English word for the Irish holiday of Samhain.
> *Ahem*. Halloween (All Hallow's Eve).

Actually, Samhain is on November first, so it would be All Saints Day rather
than Halloween. And Samhain dates back far earlier than Christianity. Like
many other traditional holidays, it was later Christianized. Lúnasa would
probably have been a better example - I don't know of any other holidays on
August fisrt. And just to get back on topic . . . 

Dajbej tera'ngan lalDan yupma', qar'a'? law'bej, 'ej Hujqu' 'op tIghchaj.
Christmas lopmeH, pIvtaHbogh Sor pe'lu'chu' 'ej juH qoDDaq lanlu'. QIt
Heghba' Sorvam, 'ach SaHbe'law' pe'wI'pu'. Sorchaj luneH neH. 'IHmoHlaw'meH,
SorDaq 'aH law' lulan. roD 'oHDaq wovwI'Hommey lulan. rut weQmey mach lulan,
'ach Qoblaw'mo' tIghvam, lojchoHlI'. Sor bIngDaq nobmey lulan. roD 'op nob
Hev Hoch, 'ach reH nob law' Hevlaw' puqpu', 'ej puqpu'vaD potlhqu'law'

Do' qaStaHvIS lopmeH poH (wa' jaj neH 'oH yupma'na', 'ach nI'bej lopmeH poH
naQ) qaS *football* Quj'a'mey law'. tlhoS Qujvam tIvlaH tlhIngan: loQ may'
rur. Doghbej Quj chutmey, 'ach ral Quj 'ej 'Iw tujmoH.


p.s. The preceding was intented as a (mostly) humorous view of the the
holiday season (mostly Christmas) in modern American life from a Klingon
perspective, and (mostly) does not reflect my own human views on the
subject. 'ej Dumaw'chugh, yIlaDQo'.

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