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RE: vIttlhegh bolughmoH! (Soon to be KLBC)

ja'pu' qa'ral:
>>vIttlheghmeyvam vISovchoH vIneH.  Do'Ha' *tlhIngan
>>He'* paq vIHutlh.

ja' pagh:
>Most of us call it <tlhIngan tIgh>, although an argument could be made for
><tlhIngan He>. Note that <He> has not <'>.

Most of us call it that because it calls itself that. :-)
On the inside title page, one finds:

  STAR TREK: THE KLINGON WAY - A Warrior's Guide
  tlhIngan tIgh:  SuvwI' DevmeH paq

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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