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Re: adverb suffixes???/ KLBC

> ja' Voragh:
> There are no doubt more such pairs; we just don't know all of them yet.
> Note that {tlhoy} and {ngugh} were only recently pried out of Maltz an
> posted by Okrand on the startrek.klingon newsgroup.

Are these mu'mey chu' on the faq's "not in the TKD/KGT" list"?
DewI'HomwIjDaq  'oHtaH  *faq e-address.
Heghlaw' DewI'Hom HoS vetlh'e'  'ej  vItI'pa'  vI*Hotsynch-nIs.
parmaqqaywI'  juHDaq  *hotsynch cradle-wIj.
nuqDaq  TKD-wIj!

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