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RE: KLBC: tuv'el mu'tlheghmey QIp

> jItlhab; ngem Ha'DIbaH vIrurmo' chovuSlaHbe'.
> You cannot limit me, because I'm as free as a forest animal.
: maj. Good use of an idiom.

Agreed.  tuv'el's sentences are always interesting.

A stylistic point: I'd move {-mo'} and re-order the clauses thus:

  chovuSlaHbe' jItlhabmo'; ngem Ha'DIbaH vIrur.

The reason you can't limit me is because I'm free, not because I resemble a
forest animal.  

This is also one of the rare places I think the dependent {-mo'} clause should
follow the first verb, to keep the simile intact {tlhab; ngem Ha'DIbaH rur} --
as tuv'el did it.  Although we've seen a number of these simple {rur} similes
(I can provide a list upon request <g>), I don't know whether anything can come
between the two parts in more complicated sentences or whether the syntax is
fixed by tradition.  In other words, can we say:

  ?jItlhabmo' chovuSlaHbe'; ngem Ha'DIbaH vIrur.

or does that spoil the simile and sound much too literal to a Klingon?  ("What
are you talking about? You don't look anything like a forest animal!")

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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