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RE: KLBC: tuv'el mu'tlheghmey QIp

	ja' pagh:

> > KLBC: tuv'el mu'tlheghmey QIp
> pablIj neH vIchov. QIp pagh val 'e' vInoHQo'.
	I merely evaluate your grammer.  I don't judge if it's stupid or

> > bIHe'So'qu'mo' 'ej 'ev tIngDaq nughoStaHmo', 
> > jIH chan yIQam.
> > Stand to the east of me, because you really stink, 
> > and the wind is coming from the [west].
> nughoStaH nuq? You need a subject - probably <SuS>. You also need a <-Daq>
> on the <chan>.
	bIHe'So'qu'mo' 'ej 'ev tIngDaq nughoStaHmo' SuS, jIH chan yIQam.

	Qu'vatlh!  I forgot the word SuS.  If I read the explanation
correctly, jIH chan without the -Daq is correct.  I used -Daq on 'ev tIng,
because I was trying to convey the idea that the wind was blowing from that
direction.  I was also wondering about the double use of -mo'.  Is it
correct?  Is it needed?

	- tuv'el 

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