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RE: days of the week/months of the year


> Do way have a way to say the days of the week or the months 
> of the  year in Klingon?  TKD lists the word "jar"  for 
> month which seems to infer Klingon months. I guess generaly 
> one could just use the English words and put them in quotes. 

While we do know Klingons have months from the existence of the word <jar>,
that's about all we know. We don't know how many there are, how long they
are, or any of their names. We don't even know if they have individual names
at all or happen in the same order every Klingon year.

When talking about Earth months, it's usually perfectly acceptable to use
<jar> or <tera' jar> for "month". For specific month names, just use the
English name - since Klingons don't share our calendar, they certainly don't
have names for our months.

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