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RE: Quch tlho'jaj!

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Andeen, Eric wrote:

> jatlh
> > Quch tlho'jaj! (Would this be the best translation for 
> > 'Happy Thanksgiving Day')?
[some grammatical stuff snipped] 
> To make a Klingon phrase, start with what the English really means, rethink
> it a bit (Klingon doesn't use "have" in this way), and you get "May (your)
> Thanksgiving Day be happy". Make sense? If so, we have the perfect
> grammatical tool for this: the suffix <-jaj>, which is found in the TKD
> appendix. It is used to express wishes and toasts, just like the "may" here.
> What you wind up with is:
> Quchjaj tlho'jaj!

But it's a toast, so would it not read: {tlho'jaj Quchjaj}?

IMO, just a simple shout of {tlho'jaj!} works well; it can mean both
"Thanksgiving Day" and "May [you] be thankful/May there be Thanks" at the
same time.


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