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RE: Quch tlho'jaj!

ja' quljIb:
>> Quchjaj tlho'jaj!
>But it's a toast, so would it not read: {tlho'jaj Quchjaj}?

If you're not saying it with a HIvje' held high, it's not a toast.
It's just a wish, so the "special toast grammar" does not apply.

>IMO, just a simple shout of {tlho'jaj!} works well; it can mean both
>"Thanksgiving Day" and "May [you] be thankful/May there be Thanks" at the
>same time.


Of course, pagh's suggestion explicitely assumes that a day can be happy.
I tend to interpret "Have a happy (whatever)" as wishing that the person
being spoken to be happy.

  DuQuchmoHjaj tlho'jaj!

But that seems tediously verbose, so I would probably go around saying

  tlho'jajmo' yIQuch!

Somehow that doesn't seem nearly as verbose as the other, even though it
is only one syllable shorter.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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