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Re: Kahless

Just a thought, if I am not mistaken, the representation of Kahless would
have been taken from the _Enterprise's_ computer banks and the minds of
Kirk and Spock. I am sure that just as they pictured Lincoln and Surak as
ideal, their own prejudices would have colored the creation of Kahless.


On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, david joslyn wrote:

> As a Trekker/Trekkie I enjoy watching (and laughing at) TOS episodes on
> SciFi. Last Monday's episode (I remember not the title) introduced the
> lengendary Kahless--sans forehead, of course. The actor looked familiar;
> I'm inclined to believe it was the same person who later played Kahless in
> TNG. Can anyone tell me if this is true?
> In said episode, Kahless was described as "...starting the Klingons on
> their evil was." Klingons are agressive, yes, but--with the possible
> exception of Molor (and Veqlargh, if that once was a Klingon)--they
> are never evil. That honour goes to the Borg. Worse yet, he was seen
> fleeing from a pitiful attack by Kirk and Spock. This does not sound like
> the paragon of honour we have all come to know and admire. Even the
> Kahless of Freidman's novel, though he hid from Molor in the wilderness
> for at least a year, was no coward.
> quljIb

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