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As a Trekker/Trekkie I enjoy watching (and laughing at) TOS episodes on
SciFi. Last Monday's episode (I remember not the title) introduced the
lengendary Kahless--sans forehead, of course. The actor looked familiar;
I'm inclined to believe it was the same person who later played Kahless in
TNG. Can anyone tell me if this is true?

In said episode, Kahless was described as "...starting the Klingons on
their evil was." Klingons are agressive, yes, but--with the possible
exception of Molor (and Veqlargh, if that once was a Klingon)--they
are never evil. That honour goes to the Borg. Worse yet, he was seen
fleeing from a pitiful attack by Kirk and Spock. This does not sound like
the paragon of honour we have all come to know and admire. Even the
Kahless of Freidman's novel, though he hid from Molor in the wilderness
for at least a year, was no coward.


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