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it was asked:

> 3) Do we know a word for *blind* (adj and v) other than something 
> like <leghbe'laHbogh> and <leghbe'laHmoH>? Would a blind person then
> be <leghbe'laHbogh ghot> and/or <leghbe'laHbogh vay'> (one who is 
> blind)? As an alternative, is there a way of saying *sightless* or 
> *unseeing*?

A blind person/animal could be /leghlaHbe'wI'/ "one who cannot see."

The following has been mentioned, but not explained, and it's an
important point, so I'm going to belabour it.

/leghbe'laH/ means "able to not see." 
/leghlaHbe'/ means "not able to see."

See the difference?

You could even have /leghbe'laHbe'/ "not able to not see," perhaps to
describe being forced to look at unwanted sights.  It might be
translatable as "couldn't avoid seeing" or even "can't miss it."

jatlhbe'laH - can refrain from speaking
jatlhlaHbe' - can't speak
jatlhbe'laHbe' - can't refrain from speaking
jatlhbe'laHbe'wI' - one who can't refrain from speaking

  -- jatlhbe'laHbe'bogh be'
Qov - pab 'utlh

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