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RE: tlhIngan Hol Dictionary for Palm

On 28-Apr-99, Alan Anderson wrote:
>ja' (Ben Mischler):
>>...I only have one question for those who may have compiled
>>their own list: is 210k enough for a complete word list with full

>An annotated dictionary would obviously be much larger.  And I'm not sure
>how much overhead a database format would impose on the data.

I have mine on a 2Mb Psion series 3. While perhaps above some peoples price
range it has good communications abilities, it even talks to my Amiga. 
The text file containing the TKD, KGT word lists along with those in the KLI
new words list and several non-canon constructions (so marked) milked from the
archives of this very list, comes to 90k. Of course a major hatchet job was
required to get some of the lines down to 256 chars or less, on order to merge
into a 2621 record database which comes to 95k in total. There *may* be one
extra record added to the db that isnt in the textfile, but no more then that.

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