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Re: A word

Dave wrote:
: I've got a friend, who after watching one too many episodes of Star Trek,
: has become obessed with a particular word in klingon. The thing is, I can't
: find it in the dictionary!  He pronounces it "Ka-Plah!"
: I looked in the dictionary under "Qa.." and under "cha.." and I couldn't
: find it.

{Qapla'} "success" - used extensively as a parting salutation in Trek.

Remember that there are two different /k/ sounds in Klingon: Q (upper case)
q (lower case) which are considered separate letters in the glossary and are
listed one after the other.  Also, don't forget to check the Addendum in the
back if you have the the 2nd edition of TKD.  


Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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