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Re: dreaming...

On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Joel Peter Anderson wrote:

> Odd dream.
> I was reading the (excellent) book "The Sparrow", which is about the first
> contact with another intelligent race, led by Jesuits.  There is huge
> amount of linguistics within the story, which (I think) led to my dream: 
> I dreamed that I was talking to our music/evangelism minister at church
> about a bumper sticker that he had which had a Hebrew word on it.  It said
> something about being a servant of God, but it seems like we were talking
> about whether it should be "b'nai" (children) of God instead of what it
> had "'avwI'". 
> Only after I woke up did I realize that in the dream the word we were
> saying was 'servant', "'avwI'", was the Klingon word for "one who guards". 
> The HEBREW word is "abad" or "avad", as in OBADiah (servant of the LORD).
> (see also the related Arabic word Abdullah, servant of Allah). 
> ....
Very, very strange...but also encouraging; dreams containing elements of a
foreign language are evidence of mastery o'er said language. (It's
happened to me with Japanese.)

BTW, "The Sparrow" ghItlhpu' 'Iv?


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