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ja' Ed <>:
>	 Hovtay'majDaq muD ghaj *Titan*. maSmey ghajchugh yuQ tInqu',
>	 In our star system *Titan* possess an atmosphere. If a giant planet
>possess moons,

So far, so good...

>qItjaj maSmeyvetlh yIn luleH.
>Those moons may possibly maintain life.

...but it breaks down at the end.

The verb suffix {-jaj} indicates a wish that something happen in the future.
In English, the word "may" is sometimes used instead of "might"; that's the
kind of "may" you need here.  You should probably use the Klingon adverbial
{chaq} "perhaps" instead of the verb {qIt} "be possible"; the grammar winds
up a lot easier that way.

The subject of the sentence is "those moons" and the object is "life"; your
word order needs to be turned around to be correct.  I'm not sure if {leH}
"maintain" is an appropriate word here, but I can't say it's incorrect.  So
the last part of your message would be more correctly said as:

chaq yIn luleH maSmeyvetlh.

DaH qajang:

HovDaq Sumqu' maSmeyvam tIn.  pa' taHchugh yIn, ghaytan pImqu'.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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