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Re: Pocket Klingon Guide

ja' T'Lod:
>True.  I merely prefer Windows CE because of familiarity with the OS.

Do'Ha' motlhbej meqqoqvam.  "Windows" 'oH vaj QaQ, qar'a'?  wejpuH.
De'wI'Hom machqu'Daq yapHa' "Windows" 'e' vIHarchu'.  lI'meH pat,
napnIS.  napbe'bej "Windows".

>If I
>got a Palm II or V or Pilot, I only hope that it can hold all the Klingon I'd
>put on it (vocab, usage notes, grammar notes, etc.)

yIbItQo'.  <toch DeghwI'>wIj lutebbe'chu' mu'ghomwIj ghItlhmeywIj je.
De' law' vIqeng.  Hoch ngaSlaHlaw' De'wI'HomwIj.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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