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Re: Klingons Invade Dover Peace Conference

TPO wrote:


> The Feddies wouldn't dare to have fun.
> Those at the table which Qor'etlh and I sat at were the most "klingon".
> Very loud, very rowty, and even some singing.  There was just as much food
> on the table as there was on our plates.  We ate with our fingers (meat,
> corn, scallop potatoes, salad).  If you asked someone to pass the rolls,
> well, they did.  A slab of meat flew past my face, was caught by the guy
> next to me and he stuffed it in his mouth; then topped it with some salad
> flying from the other direction.


qep'a'Daq jIjeSpa', jIchechnISchoH!


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